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Andrew ADams

Andrew Adams began drumming in 1992 at the age of 16, and plays everything from concert percussion and full drumset to hand percussion and Irish bodhran.  He began studying highland snare drumming in 1995.

He receives weekly instruction from Reid Maxwell, lead drummer for the 6 time World Champion, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and often gets lessons from Eric MacNeil, also from the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

In 2000, he helped form the Catamount Pipe Band from Montpelier, VT and took the band from a non competing band to fielding bands in Grade 3 and Grade 4, in only 5 years.  In 2001 he began teaching at St Johnsbury Academy, a private high school in Northern VT.  The Academy had the only full celtic arts initiative in the Northeast, offering highland piping, highland drumming, and highland dancing as a regular school class.  As well as teaching drumming full time for the class, he also lead the school pipe band, the Graham Highlanders and helped take the band to win prizes in competitions in the US and Canada.  The band competed in Grade 4 and in 2005 competed at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.  Though the band did not win, it placed higher than any other North American pipe band in Grade 4B. In 2013 he led the Catamount Pipe Band Drum Corps at the World Pipe Band Championships and a 4th place win.

Andrew competes at the Grade 1 solo level for snare and is a Professional bass drummer, and has won prizes throughout New England, both in solos and with bands.

Andrew was also the Drum Captain for the Dartmouth College Marching Band for 8 years and has performed with the Dartmouth Wind Symphony, Dartmouth World Music Percussion Ensemble, Dartmouth Youth Winds Symphony, the celtic rock band Prydein and is often hired by bands throughout New England as an instructor.

In his spare time he actively continues his training in martial arts (3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate), a medieval reenactment society and renaissance fencing.

Bands ANDREW has  played with

1995-2000: Green Mountain Highlanders, Grade 4 - Norwich, VT

2000-2006: Catamount Pipe Band, Grade 5-3 (Drum Sgt) - Montpelier, VT

2001-2009: Graham Highlanders, Grade 5-4 (Drum Sgt) - St. Johnsbury, VT

2006: Rhode Island Highlanders, Grade 3 - East Greenwich, RI

2007-2009: Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band, Grade 3 - Worcester, MA

2009-2010: Colum Cille Pipes and Drums, Grade 4 - Sandwich, MA

2011-2013: Catamount Pipe Band, Grade 4 (Drum Sgt) - Montpelier, VT

2013-Present: Scotia Glenville Pipe Band, Grade 3 - Albany, NY


As in most bands, the focus is on strengthening the pipe section and almost neglecting the drum line. We, as a band, struggled for years to solve that mystery of why that is..... Several drum instructors later we were introduced to drum instructor Andrew Adams who has demonstrated the patience, experience, focus and enjoyment in teaching new and experience drummers how to improve their individual and group techniques. I wish our band, especially the drum line, had been introduced to Andrew years earlier.

Dave MacLean- PM Professional Firefighters of NH, Concord, NH


Andrew Adams has given our percussion section a great deal of invaluable help.  He has driven three hours, on a number of occasions, to work with our drummers, sometimes not knowing how many would be there.  During one workshop he tuned all of our equipment and helped us replace heads and other accessories, as well as going through all of our music and rewriting several pieces to enhance the abilities of our members.  During one band competition he helped to tune our equipment shortly before we went before the judges, and as a result our band did very well.  His good humor and willing spirit, as well as his high standards, are most welcome in our band and would really help both young and seasoned drummers from future bands with which he may work.

Sue Dunbar-DS Scots Highland Pipes and Drums, Ashby MA


Andrew performs on snare drum with incredibly disciplined technique, making him a natural leader and  instructor. Each time he visits with the percussion section of the Dartmouth College Marching Band, he leaves the drum line sounding better, with a better understanding of their role within the ensemble.


Matthew Marsit:  Director of Bands, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH


Our son has had the divine privilege of taking drum lessons from Andrew Adams for the last 6+ years.  Under the professional instruction of Andrew, Ian has steadily climbed in the EUSPBA competition standings.

We are immensely pleased with Andrew's teaching technique, structured lesson layout and inexhuastible energy, encouragement and passion for teaching the art of drumming.  He has a zest for instruction and takes the time to work with each student individually.  Andrew takes great pride in not only teaching soemone to drum, but in teaching all aspects of drumming, from proper hand placement, music reading, terms and theory.  He has the gift to bring all these elements together to challenge and inspire his students to be the very best they can be.

 If you are looking for a drum instructor, we highly recommend Andrew Adams!

-Chuck & Pamela Campbell


Professional Firefighters of NH, Noncompeting - Concord, NH

Plattsburgh Police Pipes and Drums, Noncompeting - Plattsburgh, NY 

Police Pipes and Drums of Worcester, Noncompeting - Worcester, MA

Westford Firefighters Pipes and Drums, Grade 5 - Westford, MA 

Dunlap Highland Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Bangor, ME

Claddagh Mohr Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Portland, ME

Clan MacPherson Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Andover, MA

Rocky Bay Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Augusta, ME

Taconic Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Hoosic Falls, MA

University of Mary Washington Eagle Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Fredricksburg, VA

Scots Highland Pipes and Drums, Grade 5 - Ashby, MA

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Grade 5 - Newport, RI

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Grade 5 - Manchester, NH

Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band, Grade 5 - Syracuse, NY

Brian Boru Pipe Band, Grade 4 - Falmouth, MA

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