Andrew Adams Pipe Band Drum Lessons and Workshops


with over 17 years of drumming experience, andrew is a sought after clinician with bands throughout new england.

Competing in Grade 1 snare solos and Professional bass, Andrew has a proven track record of students that have gone on to play in bands of all grades. 


The instructors at the South Florida Piping and Drumming Academy were all excellent. Andrew (Tenor & Bass) opened my eyes to a completely different style of playing and what the Bass means. He taught us how to read music, he had a sense of humor and he taught to his audience. If he is not brought back next year, I wont go. That's how good he was. He and Tommy (Snare Instructor) gelled together well. Tommy has patience of a saint. Through the rehearsals, the excess noise, and drumsticks clicking I thought he was going to lose it on us. I appreciate the discipline as it will make all of us that much better. All in all very well put together. Count me in next year to attend and assist where needed. Lifelong friends and memories that will last me a long time.

                                                                 -Mark Rossi: March 1, 2016

As mid section leader of my band, I thought it time to learn snare drumming. Living in rural/west central NJ, there is little opportunity finding a drumming teacher. I asked Andrew if he was able to teach lessons via Skype and it has been three months now with him as my teacher, via the web.  I look forward to each and every lesson, and with Andrew's guidance, gaining confidence and making progress with my drumming skills.

-Linda Zedepski: Saint Anns of Hampton Pipes and Drums


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